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Richland Two Rezoning: Revised Scenario

As you know by now the board has released a revised plan that incorporates aspects of all three of the original proposed plans and a few other changes.  As a board, we have all worked countless hours to try to find a plan that will work for all students.  Please note this plan is going to be voted on as part of our next board meeting on November 15th. The plan is not final as it stands at this time. The only final plan is the one that the board will vote into existence at the board meeting on the 15th.  Several board members, including myself, are still working to “tweak” the plan to make sure that it is the most equitable plan possible.  These “tweaks” can be expressed in the form of amendments during the voting process. I personally believe that we can improve on the current plan with … Continue reading

Richland Two Rezoning

I have received a lot of feedback from the community regarding the rezoning process that is being proposed for our Richland Two high schools. Please know that I am dedicated to all of our high schools and our students equally. Also know that I am looking to the future, not just the here and now, as I work through this difficult process and that I am not “caving” to political pressures. Rather, I am using common sense, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of each school, and looking at how this process can lead to creating stronger schools across the district for many years to come. Richland Two has a long history of success and I am dedicated to providing the necessary resources and required level of commitment in all of our schools that will allow for this hard earned reputation to continue well into the future. I will not … Continue reading