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Welcome Back to School and Budget Priorities

I hope everyone had a great break and that students are ready to get back to work. The new 2012 year has re-invigorated me to attack the issues that we face as a district and to celebrate our great successes that we have everyday in Richland School District Two.  Administration asked for all board members to outline 5 2012-2013 budget priorities, I did not feel that I could address all of my priorities within 5 items, so my list came to 10. I am posting these priorities in order to demonstrate my willingness to provide transparent governance and to show you where my priorities lie for Richland School District Two. Implement a Career and Technology Education facility and expand CATE program offerings.  Create partnerships with technical schools and other higher education institutions of all types to create career paths for students.  Provide Early Childhood Education opportunities, including alignment of district … Continue reading

International Flavors Festival

On Saturday November 13th, Richland County sponsored an International Flavors Festival that featured the many cultures and nationalities represented in Richland County. It was held on Decker Boulevard due to this being the official International Corridor of the county. There was entertainment, food, and displays that represented many different nationalities.  The event was kicked off with a parade that featured some of the local politicians, including myself. Richland School District Two also provided entertainment to include the Conder Dance Troop and the Conder Steel Drum Band. Richland Two is a very diverse school district.  Our students speak over 55 different languages!  It is important to recognize and celebrate the things that make us different as well as the same.  This festival highlighted that fact in a tangible way.