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State of the State Lacks Educational Focus

After watching Governor Haley’s State of the State address I was very disappointed to hear a lack of focus on educational issues. Gov. Haley at no point in her address mentioned public education in a positive manner or recognized the need to bolster public education as an economic development issue.  Before our students get to higher education, technical schools, workforce development programs, or the actual workplace they must have a strong educational background in K-12.  Bakari Sellers (full transcript of Bakari Sellers response) did a fantastic job of stating this in his response to the State of the State. We should view all public schools the same and not just focus on public charter schools. As the founder of a local charter school, I understand the value of charter schools and the difference that they can make in the lives of students.  However, there is no replacement for our traditional public schools.  We must improve … Continue reading

Rocking the Red Kettle

I was happy to take time out of my weekend to ring the bell for the Salvation Army’s “Rock the Red Kettle” campaign.  Not only was I able to help my Spring Valley Rotarians by ringing the bell, but I was presented with many other opportunities to help folks in other ways, such as helping to lift wheelchairs, pushing motorized carts that were stuck in traffic, and my fellow Rotarian even took back a movie to a RedBox drop off for someone who was new to the area! One of the best things about this service project was seeing how many parents were teaching their children and grandchildren to give by allowing them to stuff the kettle.  More proof that giving can be more fun than getting as they left with the biggest smiles on their faces! I look forward to doing this service project that helps both the Spring … Continue reading