Construction Projects

Richland School District Two is a fast growing school District.  We grew by over 700 Students last year during the down economy.  This equates to an elementary school’s worth of growth last year.  In order to accommodate this rate of growth, the voter’s approved a 306 Million Dollar bond referendum in 2008 to provide the funds for the required building projects.

Richland Two has done a phenomenal job of keeping construction costs down, in fact in October of this year the Richland Two School Board requested and was granted a decrease in taxes for citizens due to the large amount of savings that have been realized due to early project completion, the best credit rating in the state allowing for some loans to be as little as 0%, and being shovel ready during a down economy that has reduced the cost of construction.

On Veteran’s Day, November 11th, I visited some of the  construction sites in the district to get a handle on how the construction process works and where we are as a district on our current projects.

Here are some pictures of  Middle School #7 .

Middle School #7. All new schools are built in accordance with LEED standards to make them more efficient and easier to maintain.

The court Yard for Middle School #7

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