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Richland Two Opens Monday (Oct 12th) on a Two Hour Delay

The message below is available on the Richland Two website. Dear Richland Two Families, Please read this entire message. Beginning, Monday, Oct. 12, school will start on a two-hour delay. This delay will last at least through the week. Three-year old half-day classes are canceled when we are on a two-hour delay. A two-hour delay means: * If your school normally starts at 8, it will now start at 10 a.m. Dismissal times remain the same. *Bus Riders report to your bus stop two hours later than usual. If you normally get to your bus stop at 6:30. You now report to your bus stop at 8:30. *Due to the numerous road closures, multiple bus routes have been adjusted. If there are changes to bus routes, that information is posted on the district’s website. There will be bus delays. *Please be patient and safe. There will be congestion on roads due to … Continue reading

Councilman Manning Hosts Decker Community Center Meeting

Councilman Jim Manning Announces Run for SC House District 78

I am excited to support my uncle, Councilman Jim Manning, for his run for SC House District 78! Richland County Council Jim Manning to Run for SC House District 78 Columbia, South Carolina, August 3, 2015 Jim Manning is officially announcing that he will run for the SC House of Representatives’ District 78. Manning, a licensed Social Worker, has served on Richland County Council since 2009. He is married to Sandra C. Manning, Ph.D. who served on the Richland School District ONE Board from 1993 to 2004 and they have 2 adult sons. In addition to his Masters in Social Work, he has a Masters in Public Administration from the University of South Carolina. Jim will continue his efforts to improve the lives of citizens residing in Richland County by creating a thriving Decker Boulevard, safe communities with stellar schools and empowered neighborhoods. Jim will remain committed to his previous … Continue reading

Lake Carolina Attendance

Rezoning and changing attendance for schools is one of the most disruptive decisions that  I make as a school board trustee.  Because of this, I invest a lot time talking with families and researching all of my options.  I have heard from families who have emailed me and who have spoken at our school board meetings.   The requests from these parents are mixed, some want to see another k-5 school, and others want to see a K-2/3-5 option.  I understand that neither option is perfect and that there are a lot of details that will need to be worked out in either scenario. However, after reviewing the potential rezoning options that would have to be considered if we were to choose a k-5/k-5 option, after hearing the districts plans to address the logistical issues with the K-2/3-5 option, and knowing the strong leaders that are involved with both LCE … Continue reading

Vote Yes Nov. 5 – Richland County Libraries

Join me in supporting our Richland County Libraries on November 5 with a vote of YES.

What Makes A School A “Good School”

As a board member and a parent I reflect on many questions about schools, but the one  I think about the most is “What makes a school a great school?”  Parents, teachers, coworkers, and others tell me that their child attends a great school, or that they moved into a certain part of town because of the good schools, or they ask me which schools are the best schools? The federal government has spent quite a bit of time and money trying to define what makes a school a good school.  With mandates like “No Child Left Behind” schools are assigned  grades based on performance.  The State of South Carolina has developed a new set of guidelines for the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) waiver.  Due to differing criteria you may see a school rated as an A on one rating system and a C on the other. The data which … Continue reading

My visit to Brookland Baptist Church, NorthEast

Rev. Chris Leevy Johnson I enjoyed spending time with the congregation at Brookland Baptist Church, Northeast for their “Back to School Bash”.   It was a great way to kickstart the year for our families in Richland Two.

Cleanup on Decker and Gills Creek

I enjoyed working with my neighbors today to pick up trash on Decker. Thank you Carey Lake Homeowners Association for organizing this event.

Joint resolution honoring Bob Davis put forth by Senator Lourie

I was honored to be present in the SC Senate chamber as Bob Davis, the Richland Two CFO, was honored with a joint resolution celebrating his years of service in the district and the state of SC.  Bob thank you for your dedication to the students and families of Richland Two.

Trustee Manning Speaks at the National Technical Honor Society Induction Ceremony at Spring Valley High School

I had the honor of being the guest speaker for the Spring Valley students being inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.  I spoke about the need for failure to help define our successes and to make us stronger.  Congratulations to these well deserving students and their families!