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Richland Two Opens Monday (Oct 12th) on a Two Hour Delay

The message below is available on the Richland Two website. Dear Richland Two Families, Please read this entire message. Beginning, Monday, Oct. 12, school will start on a two-hour delay. This delay will last at least through the week. Three-year old half-day classes are canceled when we are on a two-hour delay. A two-hour delay means: * If your school normally starts at 8, it will now start at 10 a.m. Dismissal times remain the same. *Bus Riders report to your bus stop two hours later than usual. If you normally get to your bus stop at 6:30. You now report to your bus stop at 8:30. *Due to the numerous road closures, multiple bus routes have been adjusted. If there are changes to bus routes, that information is posted on the district’s website. There will be bus delays. *Please be patient and safe. There will be congestion on roads due to … Continue reading