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What Employers Are Looking For

I often hear the question, how do we prepare our students for the real world.  Well, I believe I have come across the clearest message that I have ever seen regarding this question.  In my opinion this job wanted poster explains the rules we want all of our neighbors, friends, and co-workers to follow!  See the image below.

Trustee Manning Visits Forest Lake Presbyterian

I had the privilege of joining Forest Lake Elementary School principal Dr. Kappy Steck, assistant principal Chris Dickey, and Media Specialist Marion Scullion at Forest Lake Presbyterian to thank the congregation for the work that they do with our students.  Dr. Steck read heart warming comments from the students whose lives have been touched by the mentors that work with them to help with reading, friendship, and many other needs that our students have in Richland Two.  I had the honor of giving a special recognition to Dr. Ellen Skidmore for all that she does in our district, in our community, and for all of our students!