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“Grandpa Jones”

“Grandpa Jones”.  You were a grandparent for the community, a military hero, and a family man.  Your Forest Lake Family will miss you.

School Board’s statement on the Superintendent’s Evaluation

Following a 90-minute public question and answer session the Board had with the Superintendent during its meeting on October 22, 2012, the Board convened in Executive Session to further discuss the Superintendent’s evaluation. During executive session this evening, we concluded the Superintendent’s evaluation and met with Dr. Brochu. At this time, the Board would like to make the following statement concerning the results of Dr. Brochu’s evaluation. As a Board, we discussed the Superintendent’s progress on her goals in the areas of academics, leadership and fiscal management. We identified the Superintendent’s strengths as well as some significant areas of concern we would like the Superintendent to address. With respect to the District’s academics, as a whole, we believe we are on the right track. We are pleased with the decrease in the student drop-out rate and the increase in the student graduation rate. We believe our technology needs are being met. The administration has made … Continue reading

Field Studies and Field Trips

District Response: (Questions were responded to by Dr. Brochu within a few days of the original request. Mr. Manning followed up requesting they be submitted to him in writing to post on his blog.) In general, please know that we are currently working with representatives from elementary, middle, high, and magnet programs to review our practices relative to field-studies to ensure we are affording as many great opportunities for our students as possible and also fulfilling our financial obligations. 1. Are field trips still allowed? Yes 2. What is the difference between field trips and field studies? Field-studies are part of the educational offering by the school and part of the curriculum. Field trips are additional experiences coordinated and organized by the school. 3. statement- If any one student cannot afford to go on the trip or does not want to go on the trip, the trip must be cancelled. Not true. 4. statement- Parents used to be able … Continue reading

School Improvement Council and Questions Online

In November I will have had the honor of serving on the Richland Two School Board of Trustees for Two years.  I would like to thank my supporters and thank those that have challenged me in a way that has made me grow and look at things in new ways. One of the ways that I have challenged myself to learn about the district in a more intimate manner is a commitment to visit all SIC’s in the district.  This is over 30 meetings added to my schedule, an ambitious goal to say the least! At this time I have visited 7 SIC meetings and have already heard things from parents that have helped me to better understand the district, further demonstrated the commitment of principals to their schools and communities, and has allowed parents and teachers to share their thoughts with me in a way that I have not previously experienced. I have also decided that … Continue reading

Color Me RAD!

I ran/walked my first 5K and had a blast doing it.  We did this event as a family and were able to support a local Columbia charity at the same time  I highly recommend that you run this 5K when you have the opportunity.  The only advice that I can give is to make sure you don’t park too close to the race, I can’t imagine the look on the face of the guy who left his windows down close to the finish line!