Monthly Archives: January 2012

State of the State Lacks Educational Focus

After watching Governor Haley’s State of the State address I was very disappointed to hear a lack of focus on educational issues. Gov. Haley at no point in her address mentioned public education in a positive manner or recognized the need to bolster public education as an economic development issue.  Before our students get to higher education, technical schools, workforce development programs, or the actual workplace they must have a strong educational background in K-12.  Bakari Sellers (full transcript of Bakari Sellers response) did a fantastic job of stating this in his response to the State of the State. We should view all public schools the same and not just focus on public charter schools. As the founder of a local charter school, I understand the value of charter schools and the difference that they can make in the lives of students.  However, there is no replacement for our traditional public schools.  We must improve … Continue reading

Happy Days!

Today has shaped up to be a great day with unexpected surprises. My Day started with a surprise email from my wife informing me that Apple replaced my 1GB 1st Gen. Ipod Nano with the most recent 8GB model as part of a recall.  It is rare to get good customer service these days, much less Amazing customer service.  Thanks Apple! As I left work to attend the Richland Two Board Meeting, I thought that I had reached the pinnacle of my day with that surprise message from my wife.  I had no idea that I would further be surprised to receive the great honor of being voted in as the board Secretary!  I want to thank my fellow board members who have placed their faith in me to serve as an officer on the Richland Two School board going into my second year of service on the board. I … Continue reading

Welcome Back to School and Budget Priorities

I hope everyone had a great break and that students are ready to get back to work. The new 2012 year has re-invigorated me to attack the issues that we face as a district and to celebrate our great successes that we have everyday in Richland School District Two.  Administration asked for all board members to outline 5 2012-2013 budget priorities, I did not feel that I could address all of my priorities within 5 items, so my list came to 10. I am posting these priorities in order to demonstrate my willingness to provide transparent governance and to show you where my priorities lie for Richland School District Two. Implement a Career and Technology Education facility and expand CATE program offerings.  Create partnerships with technical schools and other higher education institutions of all types to create career paths for students.  Provide Early Childhood Education opportunities, including alignment of district … Continue reading