Monthly Archives: March 2011

Richland School District Two Proposes A New District Office

The Richland School District Two Board of Trustees has approved a RFQ (Request for Qualification) for a new District Office facility. This is the first time that the board has considered going through the building process with a design-build RFQ/RFP concept. The design-build concept is one that brings together the builder, architect, and subcontractors to submit a single proposal for the entire project from start to finish. The lead partner will be the single point of contact for the entire project. The idea is to see what innovative ideas that the business community can bring to the table for the district and to reduce the timeline for building and thus the cost. This will make the process for identifying and buying land an easier task, since that will be handled on the part of the managing partner and not by the district directly. Click on the link below to see … Continue reading

School Spending and School Performance.

I have heard from many elected officials, newspapers, etc. that the states school districts spend $11,400 per pupil. While I cannot speak on behalf of of other school districts, I can make you aware of what we are doing in Richland School District Two.  We spend $9,242 per student from our general fund budget per student. If we were to spend $11,400 per student, that would add over $55 million dollars to our budget in Richland School District Two.  I also regularly hear about private schools educating students with less per pupil spending. If you compare the cost of private school in the Columbia area (Cardinal Newman HS charges $9,950 and  Hammond for grades 1-4 charges $12,920, for grades 5-8 charges $13,720, and for grades 9-12 charges $14,480) with the cost of education in Richland Two you will see that we spend Less per student than our private counterparts! Private schools are … Continue reading